Job Openings

Current Job Openings:

Worship Leader

Hours: Part Time, 10-15 hours per week

Salary: $8,000 per year

Summary of Position: To lead, strengthen, and grow the music ministry of CBC.

  1. Requirements

    1. Ability to lead proficiently from the guitar (preferred) and/or piano while leading vocally. 

    2. Ability to read music proficiently and help others do so. 

    3. Ability to read and lead from chord charts.

    4. Be in agreement with CBC doctrine, values, mission, and vision. 

    5. Be a member of CBC.

    6. Proficient knowledge of Scripture, theology, and ministry. 

    7. A desire to humbly serve God and the local church.  

    8. Have previous experience leading worship in a church setting.

  2. Specific Responsibilities

    1. General

      1. Create and implement a vision for the music ministry. 

      2. Lead the congregation in blended musical worship through a variety of styles and tools. 

      3. Work closely with pastoral staff to facilitate a cohesive, Christ centered, gospel focused Sunday morning worship experience. 

    2. Sunday Morning Worship Service Leading and Preparation

      1. Planning, organizing, and communicating Order of Worship with praise team, church secretary, and pastors. 

      2. Creating and communicating the practice and service schedule to participating individuals on the praise team including, vocalists, instrumentalists, special music performers, and the A/V team. 

      3. Introduce new, doctrinally sound music as well as singing classics of the Christian faith. 

      4. Train and equip current and potential musicians and vocalists in the church to use their gifting to edify the church. 

To apply, please email Teaching Pastor Noah Adams ( with a brief introduction of yourself and a resume.