Joining our church

To become a member of the body of Christ is a truly incredible thing. Joining the church means that you are a follower of Jesus Christ - that you have put your trust in him as your King and your Savior, confessed your sin and inability to save yourself, and have entered into a relationship with God. 

Whether you are a brand new Christian, are just curious about church membership, or you have been a member at another church and want to join Calvary, we would love to talk with you and try to answer any questions you may have about church membership.

Church membership is important at Calvary. When you join our church, you are committing your life to the group of believers that call Calvary their home church. You become a part of the family, which means loving one another at all costs, serving, participating, attending, teaching, learning, and being in relationship with one another. Click the document below to read more about what we mean by "Church Membership" at Calvary. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of Calvary, please contact Pastor Scott ( or Pastor Noah (