5 Insidious Faith Killers We Let Infiltrate Our Hearts

The devil is a schemer. His plan is to wreck the faith of believers by infiltrating their hearts. His success is greatest when we’re convinced that our hearts are on lockdown and could not possibly be penetrated by the forces of evil. Many of us are aware of more prominent and visible sin “enemies” in our lives. But the problem is that we have let the devil’s silent assassins slip into our hearts unnoticed. Or worse, noticed, but justified or reasoned away as acceptable.

Here are a few dangerously subtle faith killers to be on guard against:

1. Self-indulgence

The word indulge means “to allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of”. Self-indulgence is one of the sneakiest faith assassins of all in our culture because we are so unaware of its presence in our lives. The self-indulgence of American culture makes it easier to justify ours within the church.

How much of your free time do you spend indulging yourself? Getting sucked into Netflix, television, video games, going out to eat, or just wasting time on your phone? Take out sleep and work from your day and you’ve probably got somewhere between 8-10 hours of day left. How do you spend that time? What percent of that free time is spent self-indulging?

Jesus told his followers to be self-deniers rather, not self-indulgers. To deny oneself is the most unnatural and yet Godly thing in the world. Christians are to be the kind of people that renounce their self-indulgent desires and instead pursue holiness (Romans 8:7-8, Galatians 5:24, 6:8).

Jesus made it very clear that there is NO room for self-indulgers in his kingdom (Luke 9:23-24, Luke 14:26). Stop letting the self-indulgence assassin own your life. Crucify those desires and spend your time denying yourself rather than indulging yourself.

2. Chameleonic Living

Did I just make up a word? Don’t worry about it. Instead, worry about what the made up word means.

We all know what chameleons are – lizards that change their appearance to blend in with their surroundings. Too many Christians do the same. We adapt our appearance, language, and behavior depending on our surroundings. We do it because we are trying to fit in and get people to like us without seeming too weird because we are afraid that if people knew who we really were they wouldn’t accept us. And so we justify it and in so doing, we risk denying any association with Christ.

We spend so much time trying to blend in that we totally forget that as Christians we are supposed to stand out.

Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 10:26-33 that if they refused to acknowledge him before men, he would refuse to acknowledge them before God. The silent assassin of chameleonic living leads us toward a denial of Christ before men on the daily. In front of how many people did you identify yourself with Christ today? This week? This month?

Stop trying so hard to blend in for your own sake and instead, stand out for Jesus’ sake.

3. Antinomianism

When I was in college, I remember asking my good friend, “Is it possible to over preach grace?” I asked this question in response to my many Christian friends whose lives descended into sin and disobedience under the banner of grace. Paul clearly states in Romans 6 that we cannot continue in sin simply because we know there is grace. “For how can we who have died to sin still live in it?”

Truth faith doesn’t make allowance for sin.

Scripture could not make the truth of the gospel any clearer - that we are saved by faith and grace alone and that true faith results in radical and prompt obedience to the commands of God. We all know about legalism, which falsely believes that one must live good enough to be right with God.

But antinomianism is legalism’s evil twin.

It rejects the idea that God’s people must follow commands to remain in right relationship with God.Neither legalism nor antinomianism are the truth. The gospel is the truth that simultaneously declares that we are made right with God only by grace through faith in Christ and that we must then follow him obediently into holiness with every ounce of our being.

Legalism is equally as dangerous of an assassin as antinomianism, but antinomianism is trending up in our American church culture. Be on your guard against the false belief that God does not require you to be obedient. Disobedience to God is the great killer of humanity.